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Ask Us About Our Farm

It depends on the season. For baby animals, chicks, and goats, spring and summer are the best seasons. Adult horses, pigs, goats, chickens and duck are present year-round.
Depending on the space you rent, the ideal size ranges from 50-150 people, with the Barn, Orchard, and Field capping at 150 for the ideal event.
Availability is determined by prior reservations; however, for events with fifty or fewer guests, one week’s notice is usually sufficient. For larger events with up to 150 guests, it’s best to book and plan at least two months ahead of time.
We are flexible on times, subject to availability. The curfew for any event is 11 pm.
Yes, however, for an amped band, we will need to conduct a sound check to ensure that the sound level remains reasonable. Even though our location is secluded and there are no local ordinances, sound can still travel over the wetlands to our neighbors.

We have a cottage with up to six beds and an RV with four beds, depending on availability. Bookings can be made through Airbnb. In addition, through Airbnb we have a cottage for space for six and and RV with four beds, perhaps for immediate family or the bride and groom.