Our History

"Causeway Street runs across the Great Black Swamp and Black Fly Brook through an area that was used for clay excavation for the manufacture of bricks. The street is not present on the 1713 map but is present on the 1893 map. The area was home to a number of brickyards operated by the Clark Family and others. The Clark Home was later the estate of Christian Herter, Governor of Massachusetts and Secretary of State under Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many fine homes are located in this relatively rural area of town.

The Black Fly Brook, now called Black Swamp Brook on the maps, drains Heather's Pond, a remnant of the brickyard excavations, and eventually flows into the Boggestowe Brook.

On Causeway Street, there are sand pits where the excavated sand was trucked to Boston. It was used to fill in the newest runway at Logan Airport. Every time you go to Logan Airport, you are "home" in Millis. In addition to the sand pits, there are wet areas that look like small ponds. They are actually clay pits. Clay was taken from the pits and used to make bricks which were used for the colonial houses. You could buy 1,000 bricks for $7.00. Now the pits are homes for wildlife - geese, foxes, snakes, turtles. On this street is the home of Christian Herter who was the Secretary of State during the Eisenhower Administration. Herter was a native of the North Shore but he liked Millis, and he bought a home here. A helicopter would land next to the house in a field and pick up Herter and bring him to Logan Airport where he would take a plane to Washington, D.C. One day a rural letter carrier was stopped by the F.B.I. because supposedly Eisenhower was visiting Herter and strict security measures were being used."

Quoted from Millis.org